Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMACNA Message to DOL: No Change for Current Training Programs

Mar 06, 2018

“No need for any changes” was the message SMACNA CEO Vincent R. Sandusky sent on behalf of the SMACNA membership to the Department of Labor (DOL) and its Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion. The Task Force was charged with “identifying strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships especially in sectors where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.”

SMACNA expressed support for maintaining the existing set of regulations guiding the construction-related registered apprenticeship programs. “The current construction-related apprenticeship programs work effectively as is and provide the construction industry and its customers with many benefits—There is no need for any changes,” Mr. Sandusky explained.

SMACNA’s letter to Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta noted that the existing construction industry training programs serve as a singular model of success and should not be altered in any way that could dilute the effectiveness of training or the quality of the graduates.

A similar message was carried to DOL through letters from SMACNA members and chapters, SMART local unions, and other construction industry labor management organizations.