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Free OSHA Webinar for Small and Medium-Sized Firms

Aug 09, 2018

A well-managed workplace safety program can be a benefit to construction firms in countless ways—lower insurance rates, healthy employees, and increased productivity. However, it can be especially difficult for small- and medium-sized contractors with limited resources to implement an effective program.

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As part of OSHA’s increased outreach efforts, the department is offering a free online presentation/webinar to raise awareness and understanding on the value of having an effective safety and health program to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. 

The one-hour webinar will be available for viewing from August 13 to 19 and will cover:

  • The importance of management leadership, education, and training in safety program development.
  • How to evaluate and improve a safety program.
  • Communication.

Click on this link to complete a registration form. Once registered, participants will receive a confirmation email and a second email with instructions and a password for access to the video presentation.

SMACNA and the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT) also offer resources especially for small- and medium-sized contractors. They include the SMACNA Guide to Policies, Procedures, and Written Programs and SMOHIT’s Safety Orientation IV Return on Investment video.

For more information, contact SMACNA Director of Market Sectors and Safety Mike McCullion ( / (703) 995-4027).