Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


SMOHIT Helpline Available 24/7/365

Aug 16, 2018


4505P 250x164SMOHIT’s helpline is ready to assist union members and their families overcome just about anything that gets in the way of them being their best.

According to Randall Krocka, administrator of the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust, the SMOHIT Helpline was established in 2017 to respond to the potential impact of the hurricanes, fires, floods, and mass shootings of that year.

The Helpline’s scope now has expanded to offer guidance to those dealing with difficult problems of life in addition those caused by natural disasters.

Those problems may include:

  • Grief, trauma and loss.
  • Alcohol and other drug issues.
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts, PTSD.
  • Anxiety, fears.
  • Family: relationship with spouse/partner/family of origin issues, parenting concerns, aging parents/caregiving fatigue.
  • Work issues: coping with difficult people/bosses, work stress, deciding when to retire.
  • Stress related to debt.

Most recently the SMOHIT Helpline combined efforts with SMART’ Members Assistance Program (SMART MAP) and offers consulting services to MAP peers when they need additional expertise.

To spread the word, stickers with the Helpline’s phone number, 1-877-884-6227, are being distributed and are showing up on hardhats, Facebook, and Twitter. Learn more...