Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Building Your Reputation for Safety Excellence

Apr 18, 2019

safety working-977302930 600x401Participating in SMACNA’s Safety Excellence Awards Program is an essential ingredient that will provide your company with the recognition needed to build a successful safety culture. The program is open to SMACNA members in the United States and Canada.

Submit your Safety Survey today. The process is easy to complete. Most information needed for this survey can be found in your company’s 2018 injury records. When you fill out the survey, you will be prompted to either the U.S. or Canadian survey once you select a state or province. All entries must be received by May 10, 2019.

A reputation for having an effective safety culture is one of the best ways to separate your company from the competition. “When our firms are asked to participate in a scope review for a perspective project, safety is always one of the lead questions asked during the review meetings,” notes John Sickle, Jr., president of Duct Fabricators, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio and Ohio Fabricators in Akron, Ohio.  “We are able to tell clients that we have participated in SMACNA’s Safety Excellence Awards Program for many years and have been successful with a solid implementation of strong safety methods.”

The program is designed to recognize your company’s safety excellence, and companies who participate every year show their dedication to safety as an integral part of their mission. Safety excellence “means going above the ‘minimum’ standard,” says Sean Rayner, President and CEO of VETS Facility Services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

As previous winners of the Safety Excellence Awards, both SMACNA members encourage others to participate and note elements of their safety culture that contributed to their success. “Communication!” says Sickle. “Sharing of knowledge and practices when it comes to any and all safety measures…can only better prepare our firm and our employees for the task at hand.” Rayner emphasized that “creating and nurturing an environment of trust” was important. “When staff know that they won’t be criticized or punished for making a mistake or reporting a near miss everyone has the opportunity to learn and improve.”

For more information, contact Mike McCullion, SMACNA’s Director of Market Sectors and Safety at or (703) 995-4027.