Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Results and Data Available from SMACNA’s Annual Labor Report

Apr 18, 2019

reports in a warehouse-1010461036 600x400SMACNA’s Annual Labor Report was recently released, and the report yields positive economic results for 2018. However, chapters are less optimistic about economic results in 2019. In total the chapter responses to the 2018 Annual Labor Report Survey State of the Industry Survey reported a positive year, with manhours increasing by a rate of 4.82% overall.

Predictions for 2019 remain somewhat mixed, with 24 percent of participating chapters expecting an increase in manhours. The remaining chapters are split with 38% of areas projecting stable man-hours in 2019 and 38% of areas projecting a decline in man-hours. The regions with the largest projected declines are in the Midwest with a 33% projected decline and the West with a 20% projected decline.

A relatively new development started last year, where again a handful of responding chapters indicated that no portion of their negotiated increase was allocated to fringes, with several others allocating as low as 1% to 10% of their increase to fringes. These eight areas brought the average percentage of increases allocated to fringes in 2018 down to 29%, which is still up from the average 13.28% in 2017. Forty percent of respondents continued to allocate more than 50% of their area’s increase to fringes, with at least one area allocating as much as 99% of their increase to fringes.

On par with the 2016 and 2017 State of the Industry Survey findings, only three areas in this year’s survey indicated that there were issues locally that were likely to result in grievance activity

To learn more about these and other findings please read SMACNA’s Annual Labor Report, which is now available to all SMACNA members.