Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Now Accepting Nominations for Board of Directors, Committees, and Task Forces

Apr 25, 2019

Nominations-495341828 600x400April is National Volunteer Month, and it is in that spirit that SMACNA is currently accepting nominations for five open positions on the Board of Directors, and applications for several open positions on SMACNA Committees and Task Forces.

SMACNA Board of Directors

The Director Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations for SMACNA's Board of Directors through July 5, 2019. Of the five open Board positions, four positions are located in the United States, and one is located in central Canada. All five open Board positions are for a four-year term, with terms beginning the day following SMACNA’s Annual Business Meeting held at SMACNA's 2019 Annual Convention.

Eligible candidates must be an owner of, or employed by, a regular member firm. If the candidate is not an owner with controlling interest or a corporate officer in the SMACNA member firm, an authorization form must be completed and signed by a corporate officer or owner who has a controlling interest in the company.

Please direct any questions concerning Board service or the nomination process to Vince Sandusky at or (703) 803-2985.

This year nominations are being accepted exclusively on SMACNA Connect, and all nominations will need to be submitted via SMACNA Connect before 11:59 PM EST, on Friday, July 5, 2019.

For all questions regarding the nominations form or SMACNA Connect please contact Deborah Forde at or (703) 995-4028.

SMACNA Committees and Task Forces

SMACNA has a stand-alone volunteer page on SMACNA Connect. On that page there are currently 15 open opportunities for interested members to join a SMACNA Committee of Task Force. This is the perfect opportunity for you to volunteer to join a select group of leaders that help SMACNA maintain its current high standards of excellence, while expanding the overall influence of the association within the sheet metal industry.

Simply put, your thoughts, experiences, and opinions matter to us and your peers, and are highly valued on the Committees and Task Forces you choose to join. SMACNA encourages you to step forward to volunteer and add your voice and expertise to help shape your sector and your industry.

To learn more about the available opportunities with the Board of Directors, Committees, or Task Forces please visit SMACNA Connect.

For all questions about volunteering for SMACNA Committees and Task Forces, please contact Tom Soles, Executive Director, Member Services at or (703) 803-2988.