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Tom Schleifer’s Construction Company Self-Analysis Program

May 22, 2019

SMC_6054_Schleifer 600x524The long-anticipated Construction Company Self-Analysis Program is now available. Developed by Dr. Thomas C. Schleifer, this do-it-yourself diagnostic tool offers the equivalent of an independent expert evaluation of every aspect of a construction business.

Schleifer, author of Managing the Profitable Construction Business, says that every construction company has some areas that can benefit from improvement with a thorough understanding of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses.

Research confirms that most contractors understand construction methods better than the “business side” of their business and the complicated relationships between marketing, production and accounting. This program provides comprehensive insight into these complex areas. Once identified, contractors have little difficulty correcting or compensating for any limitations they uncover. Identifying them is the hard part but this program makes it easy.  

To access this free program, download the excel spreadsheet.

For more information, contact Dr. Schleifer at