Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Reference Manual for Labor Units for Sheet Metal and HVAC

Jul 25, 2019

RMLU-HOmeThis new cloud-based  program provides members with the labor units data required to fabricate and install HVAC materials and equipment.

Duct materials of all common types are covered separately for fabrication and installation rates by lb/hr or hour per piece. Fittings and accessories are listed separately, as are reinforcements, tie rods and hangers.

The site lists the national average amount of man hours required to fabricate or install a given quantity of each item under typically normal conditions on typically normal projects.

contractorThe program calculates and adjusts the data for specific project types and unique site characteristics that result in projects not considered normal. With permission, SMACNA has adopted the MCAA field productivity factors and multipliers. These factors that have been used and accepted in the industry for decades.

The 138 tables were developed by a third party and are based on surveys of active sheet metal and air conditioning contractors in the U.S. and Canada. These include actual data from numerous projects, along with U.S. government statistics and scholarly reports and journals.

At this time, this new version is being released to SMACNA members only. SMACNA has identified a user group to periodically review/determine appropriate factors contained in the tables based on feedback from member users.

The main landing page and video tutorial is available here or you can go directly to the program at:

Please direct any comments or questions to Tom Soles, Executive Director of Member Services