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CLRC Releases Current 2019 Settlements Report

Aug 01, 2019

CLRC 511x600The Construction Labor Research Council (CLRC) released its Settlements Report for January through June of 2019. This report provides detailed summaries of hundreds of negotiated wage and fringe benefits agreements throughout the United States.

The data is categorized  by craft, geographic region, and year and shows both cost and percent increase amounts. Historic trends and already negotiated future increases are also included. 

The current report shows the first year of new settlements agreed upon from January–June 2019 for union crafts in the construction industry had an average increase of 2.8 percent ($1.65). The median, which is less affected by outliers, was similar at 2.8 percent ($1.76).  

Additionally, the largest increase (as of June 2019) has been with the Glaziers at 3.4 percent, and the smallest was with the Boilermakers at 2 percent.  Increases were fairly similar in both 2018 and 2019 through the second quarter for most crafts. CLRC reported most crafts were tightly clustered together for both years, nearly all were within half a percent of each other, in the 2.6–3.1 percent range.

The Plumbers increases through the second quarter of 2019 have averaged 2.7 percent, down slightly from their 2018 average of 2.8 percent.  CLRC also reported that Sheet Metal increased for the same time period as 2.7 percent up slightly from 2.6 percent in 2018. 

The full report is available to members here.