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Contractors’ Role in Preconstruction Planning Now Available

Aug 01, 2019

Contractors Role PP 466x600The Contractors’ Role in Preconstruction Planning is the newest addition to SMACNA’s Contractor Operations Manual. This new title offers a concise definition of preconstruction and the processes entailed that apply to all stakeholders and project selection methods.

In the construction industry, project success is often correlated with planning in schedule, cost, design, and other deliverables as defined by the project goals and requirements. As in manufacturing, contractors that can preplan production steps will have a greater likelihood of success.

Planning includes the organization of the resources (people, equipment, and tooling) and costs (materials and labor) to perform at the right time (scheduling). Standardizing that process will lead to predictability in resources, costs, and scheduling for each project.

The Contractors’ Role in Preconstruction Planning explores how contractors’ success is best accomplished by planning early, and in a standardized way that leads to predictable outcomes.

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