Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Aug 29, 2019

Be Prepared-1131288158-600x400In this season of hurricanes, wildfires and flooding, SMACNA contractors must be prepared for such emergencies, large or small. The scale of a disruption may be local to your office or affect the larger region. The entire organization should be involved in preparing for and recovering from disasters.

SMACNA offers a user-friendly Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity Plan workbook that follows industry best practices and ensures that member companies have the best plan possible to prepare and respond accordingly. The document allows companies to ask those “what if?” questions to address a variety of issues, including:

  • contractual obligations,
  • increased workload from demanding customers, and
  • restoring electricity to the shop.

Members can revise the document for their individual company.

To download the members-only document, visit SMACNA’s Model Policies page. The Emergency Preparedness and Business Continuity plan is available under Part III: Model Written Programs.

For questions or further information, members can contact Mike McCullion, director of market sectors and safety, at 703-995-4027 or