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OSHA Announces New Weighting System for Workplace Safety and Health Inspections

Nov 20, 2019

Weighting System-936149030 600x400OSHA recently announced that it has implemented the new OSHA Weighting System for FY 2020. The system encourages the appropriate allocation of resources to support OSHA’s balanced approach to promoting safe and healthy workplaces.

Under the previous system, OSHA weighed certain inspections based on the time taken to complete the inspection or, in some cases, the impact of the inspection of workplace safety and health. The new system adds enforcement initiatives such as Site-Specific Targeting to the weighting system.

The new OWS approach reinforces OSHA’s balanced approach to occupational safety and health (i.e., strong and fair enforcement, compliance assistance and recognition) and  incorporates the three major work elements performed by the field: enforcement activity, essential enforcement support functions (e.g., severe injury reporting and complaint resolution), and compliance assistance efforts.

Read the full release on OSHA’s website.