Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Amidst COVID-19 Concerns, SMACNA Petitions Congress on Behalf of Sheet Metal Industry

Mar 25, 2020

Capitol-588594274 600x400COVID-19 taking a big toll on individuals, companies and the economy and Congress is taking bold action. In response to the COVID-19 crisis, SMACNA staff has been working non-stop to expand its message to Congress, agencies, and the Administration and to advocate on the stimulus components impacting tax, employment, energy, and labor policies. 

Working alone at times, and with big construction industry coalitions at others, SMACNA is consistently in touch with staff and members in the House and Senate, sometimes in their home states in conjunction with chapter executives and contractor members.

As legislative plans have come together, many chapters have assisted our Capitol Hill staff in preparing specific responses to House and Senate staff. In addition to numerous legislative and policy directives, SMACNA reported on industry concerns and policy needs from many congressional districts based on chapter and member input.

In a letter sent to the Hill last week, SMACNA urged the House and Senate to explicitly recognize construction activities as essential to ensuring public health and safety during this pandemic and to allow our skilled workforce to continue to provide these essential services during the crisis. 

In another letter, SMACNA urged Congress to include in the forthcoming stimulus package a federal program to subsidize COBRA continuation of coverage for workers who lose health care coverage due to loss of a job or a reduction in hours. 

In separate actions, SMACNA members have reached out to key Senators on the pension negotiations that have been ongoing during this process, but multiple sticking points remain, and pension relief was not included in the $2 trillion Coronavirus economic stimulus package passed this week.

Read more about SMACNA’s COVID-19 advocacy efforts by visiting the Letters & Testimonials section of our advocacy website.