Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Sheet Metal Workers’ National Pension Fund Procedures for the Collection of Contributions—Amendment 2

Apr 09, 2020


Tsmwnpf 400x385he Sheet Metal Workers' National Pension Fund's Board of Trustees, in an effort to provide relief to affected contractors during this pandemic, has issued the following notice amending its collection procedures by extending the delinquency date for March 2020 hours from April 20, 2020 to May 20, 2020, provided certain conditions are met.  

Effective for Contributions due for March 2020 hours, the Delinquency Date will be extended from April 20, 2020 to May 20, 2020, provided that:

(1) Covered hours are worked and/or paid in a Local Union jurisdiction that has been economically impacted by COVID-19, as determined by the Local Union and/or SMACNA;

(2) The Local Union’s fringe benefit funds have similarly extended the due date for their contributions;

(3) The Employer does not have a delinquency related to its February 2020 hours; and

(4) The Fund Office has issued notice to SMACNA, the Local Union, and the Employer within the Local Union’s jurisdiction that the Delinquency Date for Contributions due for March 2020 hours is extended.

To apply for relief, email the Fund Office at