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SMACNA–SMART Partnership Makes the World a Better, Safer Place

May 13, 2020

PINP_Cover_Apr2020_296x350The April issue of Partners in Progress focuses on ways that SMACNA and SMART are helping members adapt to life in the age of COVID-19 — and beyond. Topics include:

Life in the Age of Covid-19 and Beyond. The signatory sheet metal industry will always get the job done right, putting people first, even when conditions are suboptimal.

Small Idea, Huge Inspiration. SMACNA and SMART work together to fabricate thousands of nose strips to aid in the covid-19 relief effort.

Career Journey. Why Jonny Boyce, lead architectural detailer at General Sheet Metal, is grateful he chose the building industry.

Partners for Shelter. The effort between SMACNA contractor Weickert Industries and local 28 to build temporary hospital space is just one of many in New York state.

Los Angeles COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan. SMACNA-SoCal and Local 108 partner to keep workers safe in Los Angeles.

Lead by Example. Foreperson training benefits contractors, the workforce, and the entire industry.

Joint Apprenticeship Programs. Training programs build rewarding, lifetime careers — with zero debt.

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