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Communicating Among Generations

Jul 09, 2020

PINP_Jun2020_390x455The June issue of Partners in Progress focuses on communication between generations — and why we’re not as different as we may think. Article topics include:

Recruiting Amidst Distractions. Recruiting during uncertainty is never easy, but it is absolutely necessary.

Millennials: Speaking Their Language. Understanding the language of Millennials means recruitment opportunities and legacy retention.

Generations: Why We Aren’t So Different. Brent Darnell, guest speaker at Partners in Progress 2020, weighs in on generational stereotypes we need to ignore.

Mentorship & Coaching: Spanning Generations. A New Horizons Foundation study on mentorship and coaching offers important tips on how labor and management can work together to bridge generations.

Joe Demark: Leading the Industry to Safety. Industry veteran leads N.J. Recovery and Restart Advisory Council.

Lisa Davis: My Journey. Lisa Davis works for the ITI as an HVACR service and TAB specialist, serving training centers all over the United States and Canada.

Play to Win. NFL legend and Arizona State University coach Herm Edwards inspires leadership excellence with a simple principle: Stay humble, be hungry.

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