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SMOHIT Launches COVID-19 Coping Cards Initiative

Jul 09, 2020

smohit 565x600COVID-19 has presented sheet metal and HVAC workers with unprecedented levels of stress, uncertainty and trauma, both at work and in everyday life. Knowing that workplaces are in a critical position to lead their workers toward resilience and in an effort to promote workplace health and safety, SMOHIT has teamed with clinical psychologist and mental health advocate Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas to provide the comprehensive COVID-19 Coping Cards Initiative which aims to improve an organization’s ability to navigate this especially stressful time.

coping card imageThe Coping Cards Initiative includes four tools to improve an organization’s ability to navigate this crisis:

1. Leadership Talking Points. For the roll out and at different turning points of the crisis.

2. Biweekly “check-ins.” Anonymous mental health pulse-checks to gain real-time data that allows you to see the ebbs and flows of distress in your workforce.

3. Coping Cards. Easy-to-implement action steps people that people can take to help themselves, someone they care about, and their communities with regards to their mental health and resilience needs.

4. Resources Page. For organizations that want more tools beyond the card, additional resources to add to your website.

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