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The Value of Webinars to You and Your Business

Jul 29, 2020

Webinar-1040871524 600x400Webinars — virtual forums that allow people to share knowledge, learn about new technologies, and exchange ideas and updates — can also be used to leverage and nurture relationships, build authority around a topic, or learn about a new product or service. 

Participating in webinars is a great way to educate yourself on important topics, engage with other contractors and train employees (and yourself) on new technologies

Sessions are designed to do everything from teach particular skills or tools to discuss trends in different sectors. SMACNA delivers webinars are aimed at:

  • Educating members on new research, developments or other changes that could impact their business

  • Providing members with the knowledge and tools they need to run their businesses more effectively and efficiently

  • Connecting members with other like-minded contractors as well as subject-matter experts

  • Informing members about the details of a new legislation and its potential impact on the industry and their business

  • Training contractors on new technologies

One of the biggest advantages of webinars is that they don’t require the time or expense of travel. And you can usually choose to attend the live webinar, if you prefer the interaction, or view a recorded session during your downtime.

Webinars are meant to be a live and engaging gatherings. Missing out on one can mean more than just missing out on a video. It could be a missed opportunity to make a connection.

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