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Contractor Participation in Suicide Prevention Month Critical

Aug 26, 2020

CIASP_400x250September is National Suicide Prevention month, a time when all contractors should take the time to look up from their spreadsheets, sales goals, and project plans to think about how employees on jobsites or working from home may be struggling more than ever right now. 

The Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention (CIASP) has launched a new campaign to help contractors share Suicide Prevention month activities. Resources include an updated and unified branding and CIASP message, social media templates and graphics, as well as a Zoom background that can be used for remote team/safety meetings. 

Constr Wkr Depressed-1069249372 600x400Getting Started

To get started, review the need analysis and integration checklist and answer a series of questions to help evaluate your company’s suicide preparedness.

Then, review the three-levels of integrating suicide prevention document which provides simple steps to help your company address suicide prevention:

  • Level 1. Basic steps toward establishing a program to address employee mental health and suicide prevention.

  • Level 2. Builds on the initial steps to establish a deeper commitment to the process.

  • Level 3. Outlines steps to create a companywide culture to address mental health and suicide prevention.

More construction workers die by suicide each day than by all workplace-related fatalities combined. Take some time to put resources in place (or to review and amend existing ones) on your jobsites and across the industry to proactively engage employees — the lifeblood of our organizations — beyond simply promoting their physical health and safety, but also to support their mental health and safety. 

Join CIASP's STAND UP campaign.