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Creating the High-Performing Contractor

Nov 12, 2020

Cover - Creating the High Performing Contractor 400x473Becoming and remaining a high-performing contractor requires constant focused effort. For leaders aspiring to this level of excellence, the journey is well worth the work.

High-Performing Contractors (HPCs) deliver exceptional performance. They empower their work teams by creating rewarding work environments. They nurture strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with their suppliers, trade partners and subcontractors. They embrace focused technologies that help them deliver greater value to their customers. Above all, they never lose focus on their people as their most strategic asset.

Emerging technology, worker diversity and priorities in the workplace, responding to natural disasters and pandemics, and sustainability are a few of the issues that have changed. While the basic principles of management excellence remain true, these ever-changing issues may require leaders to adapt new approaches.

The second edition of Creating the High-Performing Contractor: Proven Practices for the Sheet Metal and HVAC Industry seeks to capture new applications while maintaining the basic, sound principles and proven tools of High-Performing Contracting.

Topics covered in the 2020 manual include:

  • High-Performing Leadership

  • Planning Your Future

  • Employee Focus

  • Customer Focus

  • Work Processes Management

  • Keeping Score

  • The High-Performance Assessment Model

Download a copy of the manual and get started on the road to becoming a High-Performing Contractor.