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Contractor Operations Manual: Recruit to Retire

Nov 19, 2020

Recruit to Retire_250x311Employees are one of a company’s biggest expenses — and also one of its most important assets. Unlike major capital costs (like buildings, machinery, technology, etc.), human capital is volatile. Employees need to understand that a company invests in them with a hiring decision, and that the company wants them to stay until they retire.

On a day-to-day basis, employees do not work for companies; they work for a manager. And managers can reduce that volatility using the Recruit to Retire best practices process, which includes everything that needs to be done over the course of an employee’s career with a company.

In the latest Contractor Operations Manual, Recruit to Retire Best Practices: Tactical Steps To Attract, Recruit And Retain Talented People, we explore the influence and impact of the pandemic; generational expectations; the advantages of remote work ; how to lead, communicate and incentivize behavior; the impact of this shift on organizational strategy and culture.

recruit to retire 600x212CONTENT OVERVIEW

I.  The Recruit to Retire Success Lifecycle

II. Attracting the Best Employees

  • Create the Company Brand as a “Great Place to Work”
  • Cultivate Your Culture
  • Compensate to Win

III. Recruitment

  • Employee Referrals Are Best
  • Create Specific Job Postings
  • Involve Employees in Interviewing Candidates
  • Use Profiles When Considering Candidates

IV. Onboarding

  • Complete Documents Before Start Date
  • Create a Concise Job Description
  • Discuss Company Values and Vision
  • Outline Expectations Clearly
  • Follow Up with New Employees

V. Employee Development

VI. Employee Retention

VII. Separation

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