Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Webinar: Integrated Project Delivery for HVAC and Mechanical Contractors

Dec 10, 2020

Matt Barrows, Assistant Professor of Practice, Construction Programs at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln is a contributing author to the newest white paper to be issued by SMACNA, titled Integrated Project Delivery Guide for HVAC and Mechanical Contractors. This comprehensive white paper is scheduled for release on December 17th.

Barrows facilitated a discussion with SMACNA contractors Matt Cramer of Dee Cramer, Inc., Kevin Louis of Martin Petersen Company, Inc., and Ross Mitchell of T. H. Martin, Inc., about their experiences with IPD.

There are typically three major constraints within a construction project: cost, schedule and quality. Project owners have been told for years that they can choose two out of the three, but a single project will not succeed in satisfying all three constraints.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) optimizes all three of these factors to increase value and owner satisfaction. This webinar offered an overview of the IPD method from the perspective of sheet metal, HVAC, and mechanical contractors and can serve as a guide for those interested in expanding their market share into healthcare and other IPD market sectors. 

Questions about the IPD webinar should be directed to Mike McCullion, Director, Market Sectors and Safety, at