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Max-Stitch 1.6i

Dec 14, 2017

ISM_Max-Stitch 1.6i 300x224pxThe NEW Max-Stitch 1.6i is the strongest and most versatile single wire stitchwelder on the market!  Using new welding technology, the Max-Stitch 1.6i is a 16ga (1.6mm) machine that can save up to 30% in electricity while giving operators complete control at their fingertips.

Driven by Windows 10, the Max-Stitch 1.6i now has self-diagnostics and stores up to 99 different welding programs.  A large color touchscreen allows the operator to clearly view all parameter settings at one time eliminating scrolling through screens!  The NEW Max-Stitch 1.6i uses PLC controlled pneumatic pressure for ease of adjustment for different material thicknesses and consistent welds.


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