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Retrotec’s Model 400 Commercial DucTester

Dec 14, 2017

SMACNA newsletter image 300x253pxMeasure duct leakage in commercial systems up to 295 CFM at 8 inches Water Column (in WC) with the first truly lightweight (20 lb tester, 35 lb total system) handheld commercial DucTester.  With 1700 Watts of power available, any comparable commercial duct tester will weigh 120 lb or more; something testers think about when carrying them up multiple flights of stairs.

Combine the power of this new fan with the industry’s first touch screen WiFi gauge and your testing options are limitless. Improve your accuracy with live results from any testing standard. Reduce testing time with the latest in flow range technology, a series of Quick Orifice plates that test down to 1 CFM. Read more...


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