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How to Add Value to Your Cost Estimates with Value Engineering

Feb 23, 2018

Trimble-mep-adding-value-to-estimates 200x113For today’s estimators, value engineering shouldn’t be just one of the many requirements – it should be the priority. With the inevitable scope creep that often happens in construction and building projects, value engineering continues to make more and more sense. Maybe you’re already practicing this approach and don’t even know it, or maybe you think you’re doing it, but you’re actually not.

Download How to Add Value to Your Cost Estimates to learn:

  • The history of value engineering
  • What value engineering is and is not
  • Common misconceptions about value engineering
  • Approach and the three stages of good value engineering
  • Why you should care
  • Take-home tips for adding value to your estimates

Click Here to download How to Add Value to Your Estimates with Value Engineering today!


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