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Products and Services Update

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Aging Population Fuels Stainless Market

As the population ages, age-related health problems and chronic illnesses continue to drive investment in outpatient and assisted living facilities.

Helios – The Thermostat Wars are Over

Wherever individual indoor comfort is needed, HELIOS is the perfect solution.

Daikin Applied Reaches New Heights with OptiLine™ Launch

With the smallest footprint in the industry, Daikin’s new OptiLine™ Vertical Stacked Fan Coil is the optimal solution when livable space is at a premium in retrofit applications and new construction alike.

Milwaukee® Introduces the Most Durable and Fastest-Cutting Step Bits, Optimized for Impact

Milwaukee Tool is proud to announce it has engineered the most durable and fastest-cutting impact step bits on the market.

Small Business Cybersecurity Best Practices

It’s nearly impossible these days for businesses to operate without the help of internet-connected devices, which exposes them to cybercrime.

Introducing the First-Ever 3-inch R-12 Flexible Fiberglass Duct Liner

Johns Manville has engineered the first-ever 3” flexible R-12 fiberglass duct liner: 3” Linacoustic® RC.

DEWALT’s New Line of Brushless Corded Grinders — Tough Doesn’t Quit.

The new line up of grinders requires no brush changes, high durability through demanding applications, lighter compared to a brushed grinder, constant speed under load.

Ideal Tape Presents 777 Jacketing

Ideal Tape offers our 777 Jacketing, the leading brand of cladding in the US.

Self-Sealed CL'D Slip & Drive

CL WARD has introduced a self-sealing slip and drive system! “New” innovation has brought big labor savings to an “old” product.