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Still time! Energy efficient home tax credits expire Dec. 31, 2016

Don’t miss out on tax credits for energy efficient homes and manufactured homes—builders of homes that reduce heating and cooling energy consumption by 50 percent will receive up to a $2,000 tax credit. Known as the “Energy Efficient Homes” tax credit, the refund expires Dec. 31, 2016.

New manual—Best practices for a residential/light commercial retrofit department

SMACNA’s new “Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program” provides information on the latest sales, marketing, and financial strategies to operate a profitable residential/light commercial HVAC service and retrofit department.

Light commercial work adds another facet to Blue Diamond’s edge

Residential and light commercial HVAC work is totally different from standard commercial and industrial work. Differences begin with how to get the work and continue through customer interaction and follow-up. It can make adding a residential and light commercial division tricky for contractors that have never gone after such work, according to Al LaBella, owner of Blue Diamond Sheet Metal Inc. based in Medford, N.Y.

St. Louis’ contractors and labor create residential marketing magic

SMACNA contractors in St. Louis “own” residential new construction. Post World War II, there was a home-building boom in St. Louis, and signatory contractors got almost all of the work, said Jack Goldkamp, executive vice president of SMACNA St. Louis.

First class and coach both land at the same time

Which seat will you put your customer in?

Look to SMACNA’s new Residential Standard for updated construction code requirements

This newly revised 8th edition of SMACNA’s “Residential Comfort Systems Installation Standards Manual” (ANSI/SMACNA 007-2016) addresses three new areas: hydronic heating systems, multistory HVAC systems, and residential commissioning.

Key industry trends: Residential contractors weigh in

SMACNA’s Residential Council Steering Committee is scrutinizing some significant trends facing the residential HVAC industry—the increasing use of smart comfort controls, high-efficiency system filters, and internet marketing that cuts out the middleman.

Welsch Heating named Residential Contractor of Year

Butch Welsch-2016-Award-Ceremony-smSMACNA contractor Welsch Heating and Cooling Co. of St. Louis was named Air Conditioning Contractors of America’s 2016 National Residential Contractor of the Year.