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Construction Employers Reach Out to Transition Teams

Oct 10, 2016

Detail labor, infrastructure, and investment policies to move America forward

Washington, DC –  Oct. 6, 2016 – Construction Employers of America provided the transition teams for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump detailed policy recommendations that will support American small businesses and strengthen and expand our middle class by creating high-paying jobs in the specialty construction industry.  The letters to the Trump and Clinton transition teams outline infrastructure investments, labor policies, and apprenticeship programs that the next presidential administration must address through legislation or executive action.

“The union specialty construction industry is eager to engage with the next presidential administration on a host of common sense policies that will support American innovation and expand family-owned businesses,” said Jack Jacobson, spokesperson for Construction Employers of America. “Highly skilled union building trade shops strengthen the middle class and are good for the country. Our member companies follow the rules and provide superior wages and benefits--including health insurance, pensions, and worker safety investments--to their employees.”

CEA and its member associations look forward to working with the next administration to implement sound policies that encourage job growth. From investing in infrastructure to training the next generation of high-quality construction workers, CEA has provided policy recommendations for the next administration that will support the specialty construction industry and grow our economy:

  • Promote Sound Infrastructure Policies and invest in our nation’s aging infrastructure
  • Modernize Retirement Plan Options through federal authorization of composite plans
  • Prepare the Next Generation of Skilled Workers by supporting apprenticeship training programs
  • Invest in Energy Efficient Buildings and set and enforce strong and attainable building codes
  • Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency and support policies that advance the deployment of combined heat and power and waste heat to power technologies
  • Support Responsible Employers Through Bid Listing and require prime contractor project winners to use the listed subcontractor at the price listed
  • Close Employee Misclassification Loophole through reform of existing tax law to identify bad actors so the government can recoup lost tax revenue

CEA’s six employer associations include the International Council of Employers of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers, Mechanical Contractors Association of America, National Electrical Contractors Association, Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors National Association, the Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance, and The Association of Union Contractors. Our impact on the American economy is significant. We represent over 15,000 employers and 1.4 million employees nationwide.