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San Francisco Bay Area Executive Receives SMACNA's Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate Award

Oct 25, 2017

Legislative Award - Sean ODonoghue 300x281pxMAUI, HAWAII — Sean O’Donoghue, executive director of the SMACNA Bay Area chapter, was recognized as the Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year at the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association’s (SMACNA) 74th Annual Convention. The award is presented annually to the SMACNA chapter executive who has made a substantive contribution to their local association and to SMACNA as a legislative and political leader on the local, state, and national levels. 

“This year’s Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year is a leader in SMACNA and a legislative advocate on countless critical policy issues,” announced 2017 SMACNA President Joseph Lansdell. "He is a champion for pension reform, market expansion initiatives, and energy efficient construction in commercial, industrial, and public markets, labor / management opportunities, and far more. When it comes to legislation, regulations, and industry promotion issues it is common for Sean to host meetings with government officials at local, state, and national levels.

“Sean’s efforts to energize and engage his members in the political and legislative process escalated to new levels in 2017 with impressive results,” Lansdell added. “He is a board member of the SMACNA Chapter Executives Institute, a coalition builder with a distinguished record, and industry problem-solver for his members in the greater Bay Area region and the HVAC industry.” 

He has energized and engaged his members to take action on behalf of SMACNA’s priorities on Capitol Hill, encouraging groups of his members to travel to the California state Capitol in Sacramento and to visit Washington, D.C. on many occasions. He has made calls, written letters, and personally lobbied for pension reform, infrastructure investment, prevailing wages, procurement reforms, energy efficiency initiatives, and business tax issues, to name just a few. 

His leadership has benefitted all members of SMACNA, not just members from the SMACNA Bay Area Chapter region. 

He has been a leader in the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Political Action Committee (SMAC PAC). Sean and wife Debbie are long-term Congressional Insiders Club (CIC) and Spouse CIC Club members. His chapter is consistently in the Top Five Fundraising Chapter level group of SMAC PAC. He has also led his chapter to be one of the top supporters at each year’s SMAC PAC dinner with more than five dozen people attending this year. Sean makes both political and legislative action of equal priority and they are high level priorities for him and his members due to his leadership.

To qualify for the Chapter Executive Legislative Advocate of the Year award, candidates must actively lead in both political and legislative chapter affairs, maintain effective contacts with local, state, and national leaders, and motivate members to act on behalf of SMAC PAC and SMACNA national through fund-raising and financial support. 

This award recognizes the important legislative and political roles played by SMACNA’s chapter executives. The winner of this award demonstrates personal involvement in the legislative and political process and has achieved outstanding success in mobilizing their members into action.

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