Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Becoming a Person of Influence with New Advanced Project Managers Institute

SMACNA’s new Advanced Project Managers Institute is being held in Raleigh, N.C., this October. The course takes project managers beyond the basics and helps them learn how to proactively lead others, work from their personal strengths, manage productivity, and resolve project issues more effectively.

Andrew Patron, senior consultant with FMI.“This course fills in the gaps and goes up to the next level,” said Andrew Patron, senior consultant with FMI. Patron, who has already taught the Project Managers Institute and is the primary developer of the advanced course, said “project managers should attend if they want to continue to understand how to be a more effective project leader.” He added, “managers will work in teams to learn more ‘hard skills’ and will study leadership by developing their influencing skills.”

Students will utilize real case studies to measure the impact of productivity on profits, track project lifecycles using key performance indicators, forecasting, and change order management. In addition, the course will show students how mentoring and coaching, performance management; conflict management; and negotiation skills can increase project management performance.

“We are using a case study that will focus on a sheet metal project. This should create a more realistic experience for the participants,” Patron noted. “To successfully pass the course, students must prepare as a team using real-world project documents to reinforce the learning.”

The course is designed for project managers with two or more years of project management experience, as well as graduates of SMACNA’s Project Managers Institute.

Participants will have the chance to practice new skills learned during the program and receive individual performance feedback and coaching. “Self-awareness and objective personal feedback is very helpful for those participants who want to improve their leadership and management effectiveness,” Patron said. “We will be giving them at least two assessments to support this time in the class.”

Participants will also develop their own personal action plan. “The most important part of the program is the action planning session,” Patron said. “We walk them through the action planning process and help them select the most impactful ‘next steps’ in their development. They will leave with a personal plan of how they intend to implement what they learned when they return home.” 

Registration will be opening soon. Visit SMACNA’s Events and Education web page for the latest updates. For more information, contact Bridgette Bienacker, SMACNA’s director of business management and membership at