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SMACNA Boston: Driving the TAB Industry Forward

Boston Tab_Group_20190312_164520About 20 technicians and sheet metal workers from Boston, Massachusetts recently studied the various applications of air flow measurement devices at the Sheet Metal Workers Local 17 JATC in March.

“This course was by far the best yet and the highest attended,” said Ryan Barrett of E.L. Barrett Co. Inc., who was part of the team that planned the seminar.

The seminar is part of SMACNA Boston’s efforts to nurture the most experienced testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) technicians in the nation, efforts that began nearly 10 years ago.

“First and foremost, we are looking to foster the most well-rounded and most experienced balancing technicians in the nation,” Barrett said. “The second goal is to have the apprentices focus on preparatory measures to pass the ICB/TABB certification. This certification serves as a benchmark for TAB technicians.”

Boston Tab_Equipment_20190312_150846Back in 2010, a team of seven testing and balancing contractors, members of the SMACNA Boston chapter, got together to help expand TAB apprenticeship training and drive the industry forward. The group helped the JATC modify and expand their training curriculum to expose their apprentices to more in-depth, concentrated training, especially to those serving TAB apprenticeships.

“As the construction industry began to see a nice turn in the workload, along with an uptick in the retirement of baby boomers, it became clear that the next generation of TAB technicians needed to be cultivated,” Barrett noted.

Since then, the group has worked with the JATC to construct a state-of-the-art testing and balancing lab at the apprentice training center to serve as the foundation for testing, adjusting and balancing training.

“This group has truly served as a launching pad for the progress made in the testing and balancing industry over the past 10 years,” Barrett said.

During the recent seminar, participants learned about EBTRON air flow devices and air flow measurements including pressurization, outdoor intakes, airflow paths, control strategies and verification basics along with techniques to improve building performance.

Sponsored by SMACNA member Buckley Associates Inc., the training session was offered to TAB technicians, fire and smoke techs, and to recertify TABB techs certified by the Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing Bureau (TABB).

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