Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Progressing from Project Manager to Project Leader

Andy Patron

Immersing project managers in the challenges of running a complex sheet metal project and using “hard skills” like thinking strategically, understanding financials clearly, and managing project scope are all part of the curriculum for SMACNA’s Advanced Project Managers Institute, Oct. 7-10, in Raleigh, N.C. “

Participants will learn how to proactively manage and resolve complicated project issues more effectively because they will practice these skills during the program,” “said Andrew Patron, senior consultant with FMI. Patron teaches the Project Managers Institute and developed this advanced course specifically for SMACNA.

The course will use real-world simulations and industry- specific exercises that replicate the challenges of managing a sheet metal project and address many of the key operational aspects and complexities that contractors face today.

Working in teams, participants will build on their skills by developing different approaches to leadership and management, project tracking, site logistics, how to manage schedules accurately, how to develop a budget, and how to manage billings and cash flow.

Designed for project managers with two or more years of experience and graduates of the Project Managers Institute, participants will also learn mentoring, conflict resolution, meetings, negotiations, and change order management.

To improve their leadership approach, the course also offers individual performance feedback and coaching. “Self-awareness and objective personal feedback are helpful to improve leadership and management effectiveness,” Patron said. “Participants will leave with a personal action plan for implementing what they’ve learned when they return home.”

Members can register on SMACNA’s National Education web page. For more information, contact Bridgette Bienacker, SMACNA’s director of business management and membership at