Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

SMACNA’s Wage and Fringe Manual Now Searchable Online

SMACNA has updated and expanded its Wage and Fringe Manual into an electronic database to help contractors and chapters access wage and fringe information and compare benefits more easily.

“The new database will make searches much easier for members looking for wage and fringe information by state, local union, chapter, and collective bargaining area,” said Joye Blanscett, SMACNA’s director of labor services and human relations. “The new database also lets chapters review and update their area’s wage and fringe information electronically which helps SMACNA ensure that the most current information is available.”

SMACNA’s Wage and Fringe Manual database tracks journeyman wage and fringe benefit information for approximately 100 local union areas. This information can be useful to contractors looking at bidding in areas outside their home local when they may not have the other area’s wage sheets.

Many bargaining committees use the database to understand how their rates compare to surrounding areas or similar areas outside their region. Updated bi-annually, the manual also includes regional and national averages on wages and at least four key fringe benefits found in local collective bargaining agreements.

The manual is available to chapters and members on SMACNA’s members-only
Labor Relations web page at