Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Technical Update Spotlights Latest Developments

Technical UpdateSMACNA’s Technical Services Department profiled the latest advances in their portfolio of technical resources for members during SMACNA’s 75th Annual Convention in San Diego.

Eli Howard, SMACNA’s executive director, technical resources, and the technical resources team discussed the department’s current testing and research, educational efforts, and industry involvement.

Attendees were given an overview of some of SMACNA’s newest technical offerings, including the Architectural Sheet Metal Soldering Technical Paper, concrete insert testing (determining the load capacity of coiled strap in concrete), previews of upcoming Technical Universities, the Technical Roadshow programs for 2019, which include live demonstrations of industry topics, and SMACNA’s upcoming Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction App.

The technical team discussed the Architectural Sheet Metal Soldering Technical Paper, which presents the results of a study that assesses the in-service life of flat lock seam soldered joints, specifically, an in-service life of 75 years using a ½-inch wide flat lock seam.

Contractors also learned about SMACNA’s new Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction App, which condenses a time-consuming and complex process that could take hours and boils it down to a procedure that takes 10 minutes.

The Rectangular Industrial Duct Construction App is currently in production and members will be notified when the app becomes available. It is a web-based app that members will be able to access through SMACNA’s Technical Resources page

The session included a live demonstration that compares two fittings side-by-side for pressure loss, part of the technical team’s “Road Show” program. Participants learned additional concepts related to forced air systems including system effect, leakage testing, and critical path, as well as comparing rigid, flex and compressed flex duct, which are being developed as live demonstrations. These programs will be available to local chapters for their use at their discretion.

As part of the technical department’s push to advance education, the technical department is also working with the Air Movement Control Association’s (AMCA) Air Systems Engineering Technology (ASET) Conference, which takes place March 24-26, 2019 in Chicago.

Members can learn about the ASET Conference at