Sheet metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

Introducing SMACNA’s 75th Anniversary Logo

75th Anniversary LogoSMACNA recently marked a year of celebration starting October 18, 2018, marking the 75th anniversary of SMACNA.

The year-long celebration will be used to give a nod to the past, but also establish a platform for the future where SMACNA and participating members can celebrate their own achievements in the industry.

To help draw attention to this special year, SMACNA has created a 75th anniversary logo which it will use to generate awareness and draw attention to our industry.
With the logo in hand, SMACNA will use this 75th anniversary to launch a variety of broad-based communication campaigns to demonstrate the vital role SMACNA contractors play and the impact they have on the public’s health, comfort, productivity, energy efficiency, and visual appeal. Sharing SMACNA’s story with others is a fundamental part of leveraging the 75th anniversary.

Members can take advantage of this opportunity by downloading and using this logo along with the hashtag #SMACNA75 to share their history and where they are headed in the future.

Members can also check out the SMACNA website for more anniversary news, including an interactive 75th Anniversary Timeline