Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association

SMACNA’s Technical University Provides Value to Contractors

tech-u-Sean_6486_09-2017Contractors will study the newest apps and key technical standards during SMACNA’s upcoming slate of Technical Universities this year. SMACNA’s Technical Universities are scheduled to come to Boston, Massachusetts, on October 24-25; Detroit, Michigan, on October 29-30; and Salt Lake City, Utah, on January 10-11. 

SMACNA’s Technical Universities focus on SMACNA standards to help participants understand how to fabricate and construct projects properly and efficiently. Members will study HVAC commercial and industrial applications including duct construction, duct leakage testing, and fire dampers. Participants will also investigate in-depth issues facing the sheet metal industry and learn how the standards can be applied to those issues.

The two-day program will cover duct construction standards for commercial/industrial applications, fire dampers, duct leakage, and technical apps.

tech-u_Mark-6474_09-2017In class, participants, including owners, employees, and JATC instructors, will engage in hands-on techniques learned during the program as well as take part in open class discussions, group projects, and work in teams to construct duct with working models. The program is led by SMACNA’s Technical Resources staff.

Participants will also receive all materials covered in the program.

For more information or to schedule a Technical University, contact Eli Howard, SMACNA’s executive director of technical services at