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Prohibiting use of recording devices may be unlawful

Contractors with policies restricting recordings, or the use of recording devices, including cellphones, would be wise to review their policies to determine whether they are written in such a way to not infringe on worker’s rights. Likewise, contractors seeking to implement a new policy should consult their labor counsel.

Capitol Hill Update: MLP Parity Act will stimulate energy efficient investment

SMACNA is urging members in both Houses of Congress to pass the bipartisan “Master Limited Partnership Parity Act of 2015” (S. 1656 / H.R. 2883) in the House and Senate as soon as possible.
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President's Column: Putting customers ahead of profits

Contractors all know that plans and specifications establish minimum levels of quality and performance. After all, furnishing more than is required is wasteful. Any lean practitioner will tell you that. So we hitch our wagon to that concept—furnishing the minimum.

SMACNA’s Women’s Leadership Council starts listserve, plans session

SMACNA’s Women in Construction Leadership Council continues to build momentum into the new year. The Council is starting the year off with a newly created listserve dedicated to SMACNA women in construction.