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Project Management

SMACNA’s project management resources and educational programs provide members with the necessary tools to help them manage projects efficiently, safely and on-time.


  • Resource Project Selection Program

    Construction management guru, Tom Schleifer has developed a project selection tool that provides an accurate measurement of project selection risk based upon what is known or not known about a potential project at a given point in time, and how well the project matches the firm's experience. read more


  • Resource Making RFIs More Effective

    SMACNA’s new white paper “Making RFIs More Effective” provides practical tools and ideas to help contractors improve the Request for Information (RFI) process, and get the information they need to move the project forward.


  • Resource NECA Productivity Studies

    This series of studies on productivity in electrical construction provide helpful information when evaluating special job conditions and related factors. These resources are helpful in applying the job factors in the SMACNA Reference Manual for Labor units for Sheet Metal and HVAC. read more


  • Resource HVAC Bid Specification Reference Manual

    The purpose of the HVAC Bid Specification Reference Manual is to assist the HVAC contractor in the preparation of its bid, the designer in the preparation of the construction documents including plans and specifications, and the owner in the preparation of bid and contract documents.


  • Resource SMACNA Change Order Productivity Improvement Tools

    SMACNA has developed a members-only change order spreadsheet in two versions - an Excel format spreadsheet and web-based App, to assist members in accurately developing, organizing and presenting their change order proposals.


  • Resource Change Order Excel Spreadsheet and App

    See Below for Links SMACNA Change Order Excel Spreadsheet LinkNote: Please save the above spreadsheet and make changes to the saved document.SMACNA Change Order App Link


  • Resource SMACNA Guidelines for Change Orders Manual

    SMACNA Guidelines for Change Orders Manual - Free PDF Download for Members


  • Resource Alliance Project Management Manual

    This manual, developed by the Mechanical-Electrical-Sheet Metal Alliance, provides guidelines that should be followed by a project manager to ensure that a construction job is planned properly prior to the commencement of actual field work. This educational manual is separated into the following topical areas: basic operating factors that pertain directly to construction businesses, types of construction contracts, critical pre-job procedures, and the importance of proper job planning and cost control.


  • Resource How to Protect Yourself if the General Contractor or Subcontractor on Your Project Goes Broke

    This Contracts Bulletin will briefly discuss what subcontractors can do if their general contractor goes broke and, in turn, what general contractors can do to protect themselves if one of their subcontractors becomes insolvent.


  • Resource SMACNA’s HVAC Systems: Understanding the Basics—Updated 2016

    SMACNA’s new manual “HVAC Systems: Understanding the Basics,” 2nd edition, 2016, is a non-technical overview of HVAC systems used in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. It covers system operation and components; and presents helpful diagrams and figures illustrating the systems.


  • Resource SMACNA/AIA Contractors Qualification Checklist

    This form was developed and approved by the Construction Management and DesignBuild Professional Interest Areas (PIA’s) of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the Architectural Sheet Metal Council of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association, Inc. (SMACNA) It is to be used in conjunction with AIA Document A305 Contractor's Qualification Statement as a substitute to questions 3.4, 3.5, 3.6. No endorsement of the submitting party or verification of the information is made by the AIA or SMACNA.


  • Resource SMACNA Releases Six Model Specifications On HVAC-Related Work

    SMACNA Releases Six Model Specifications On HVAC-Related Work


  • Resource Early Start-Up of Permanently Installed HVAC Systems

    Contractors are increasingly being required to perform early start-up of HVAC systems for the use of temporary heating, cooling or dehumidification during the construction process. SMACNA has developed a position paper on this issue.


  • Resource Owner Controlled Insurance Programs

    Owner-controlled insurance programs (OCIPs) are a type of wrap-up, an increasingly popular insurance procurement option that allows coverages for multiple insureds to be bundled (or wrapped up) into one consolidated program.


  • Resource Bidding Direct The Prime Option

    Change is an inevitable challenge we all face. Change can be particularly disruptive to established businesses and industries Construction is one of the oldest forms of commerce on earth and one that has not always enthusiastically accepted new trends. This inflexible attitude is rapidly changing.


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