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St. Louis’ contractors and labor create residential marketing magic

SMACNA contractors in St. Louis “own” residential new construction. Post World War II, there was a home-building boom in St. Louis, and signatory contractors got almost all of the work, said Jack Goldkamp, executive vice president of SMACNA St. Louis.

Customized copper panels tame reflections in the desert

Bright reflections off water in a desert oasis are desirable. Not so reflections off copper roofs. That is why Mike McGrath, president of SMACNA’s MG McGrath Inc., based in Maplewood, Minn., selected TECU OXID copper finished in a Tecu Bronze patina from KME for the one-of-a-kind Butterfield residence project in Palm Desert, Calif. “We didn’t want the roof to throw a lot of sun on other neighbors’ houses,” he said

The Waldinger Corp. recreates pieces of history

When a century-old home in Blair, Nebraska, needed to restore their two crumbling rooftop cupolas, the construction company on the job brought them to The Waldinger Corporation located in Omaha to rebuild them. Known for their stellar reputation in custom metal fabrication, Waldinger’s fabrication specialists did an outstanding job of precisely recreating both cupolas.

Michigan cottage gets amazing 21st century remodeling

Way up in northeastern Michigan, where lakes abound with bass and the thick woods with stately moose, the frosty winter temperatures regularly dip below 17 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, a weekend getaway cottage on East Twin Lake in Lewiston, Mich., has received an amazing 21st century facelift—complete with an innovative modular roof and a unique framing and insulation system to keep it warm and toasty all winter long.

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