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Secrets to hiring and retaining good employees

Our industry is facing an unprecedented challenge in finding and retaining good employees.

Moody’s forecasts positive homebuilding growth

The outlook for the U.S. homebuilding industry is positive, reflecting expectations that the underlying drivers supporting the sector will continue, Moody's Investors Service says in a recent report.

Are you up-to-date on the latest International Mechanical Code changes?

Not only do residential contractors have to work with the International Residential Code but they also must be aware of the International Mechanical Code.

Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program – editable forms

The SMACNA Residential Retrofit and Service Operations Management Program ​was published in 2016. This document contains the editable versions of the forms in the program manual.

Residential Links

A listing of links for the residential industry.

Watch out!

Earlier this year, several HVAC companies in the Northwest had their customer lists hacked. Scam artists falsely representing the HVAC companies called customers to say that it was time for a tune-up and scheduled work.

Handling customer complaints so the customer likes you

Taking a negative comment and turning it into a positive is an art that Novak Heating & Air Conditioning in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, has mastered.

So what are these guys doing right?

Can you say this about your residential business? Dave Probst, co-owner of Service Business Evolution, is out to make winners of as many residential service business owners who will listen. He spoke at SMACNA’s annual convention at the Residential Contractors Forum this past September. Here’s some of his advice.

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