Safety & Health


Press Brake Safety Compliance Kit

This kit consists of an employer's reference manual that contains all of the elements necessary for establishing an effective program of alternative methods of point of operation protection on power press brakes to comply with OSHA's compliance directive CPL 2-1.25. The manual contains a sample policy statement, provides a detailed program of safe operating procedures including photographs, and lists training requirements. Also contains a sample training certification form. The Safe Operating Procedures Training Video goes step-by-step through the safe operating procedures on the power press brake.

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Safety Poster Series

Great safety reminders for both shops and jobsite work settings. This updated, modern series of posters (16" X 24") covers three significant safety and health issues in the sheet metal industry. "The Eyes Have It" poster addresses eye protection, "Don't Cut Your Job Short" covers cut prevention, and "Are You Wearing Your Ear Plugs?" promotes wearing proper hearing protection. All three eye-catching posters are shipped together.

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Scaffold Compliance Manual

This manual covering the OSHA Standards for Scaffolds - Subpart L of the 1926 Standards for Construction provides a basic overview of this regulation. Contains specifics on some of the common scaffolds used in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry. Includes compliance checklists that can be used as jobsite inspection forms.

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