Part IV: Additional Information

The Federal OSHA website ( contains a variety of information on numerous safety and health topics.  It can be helpful in determining where to direct your safety and health resources.  This article explains several significant parts of the website.

The OSHA Website

Many contractors work well under normal circumstances but the recent pandemic shows that “non-routine” tasks need attention before the hazards arise.  This article offers tips on addressing non-routine tasks.

Nonroutine Safety

According to OSHA, "Exposure to cold weather can be more than uncomfortable; it can be dangerous.   More than 700 people die of hypothermia each year in the United States. Employers and workers need to know how to defend against hazards of working in extremely cold temperatures."  This article provides helpful information to prepare a cold stress prevention program and train workers on cold stress.

Tips to Protect Workers in Cold Environments

Fall prevention awareness is important for both employers and employees.  These fall prevention tip sheets can help improve your fall prevention efforts by ensuring both management and labor are on the same page and that each understands the basic principles of fall prevention. 

Fall Protection Tip Sheet