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JM'S New R-12 Duct Insulation Portfolio

jm_r12_group2-300x267In 2015, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) made a new change regarding the thermal resistance requirements for duct insulations in unconditioned spaces. Specifically, the code called for ducts in unconditioned spaces in climate zones 5-8 to be insulated with R-12 insulation.

Climate zones 5-8 are in the middle to northern part of the country, and they often experience much colder weather patterns than zones 1-4. As a result, ducts in unconditioned spaces in climate zones 5-8 have typically required much more energy to maintain consistent temperatures. The IECC introduced the R-12 code change in an effort to address the inefficiencies of these types of duct systems in these regions.

The primary problem with this change, however, is that there hasn’t been any single layer, flexible R-12 duct insulations available on the market. This can make it challenging for contractors to both source the appropriate materials and install them efficiently. Recognizing this, Johns Manville developed a robust portfolio of R-12 rigid and flexible duct insulations, specifically for applications with requirements like those described in the 2015 IECC.

Johns Manville is the only manufacturer to offer a full spectrum of R-12 duct insulations, including duct insulation. Find out what they are and how they can help your system design and installation. Learn more...


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