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New Heat Illness Regulations Adopted in California

This information is for any SMACNA contractor conducting work in California.  Recently adopted changes to the outdoor workplace heat illness prevention standard will set new requirements for how construction employers provide water, shade, rest breaks, acclimatization and training to their employees.  The new rule will become effective for employers May 1st, 2015

Click here to see details to the new rule.

Employers will also have to adopt Emergency Response Procedures and update their existing Heat Illness Prevention Plans (HIPP) accordingly.   

The new rule will include new and revised requirements for the following: 

  • Water, shade and cool down periods.
  • High heat procedures (> 95 degrees)
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Acclimatization procedures during “heat wave” conditions
  • Employee training

SMACNA can provide Heat Stress Tip Cards to help provide required training on this new rule. 

Contact the SMACNA Safety and Health Department at to obtain the tip cards or for more information.