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NECA Productivity Studies


This series of studies on productivity in electrical construction provide helpful information when evaluating special job conditions and related factors. These resources are helpful in applying the job factors in theSMACNA Reference Manual for Labor units for Sheet Metal and HVAC. These documents are available for purchase on the SMACNA Store. ($40 each for SMACNA members, $60 each for non-members). 

Normal Project Duration - NECA #5076-04
This document is an update to an original NECA report, which was published in the early 1980's. New data and information were collected and new methods are presented to provide contractors with additional tools to track productivity using the data in this report as a baseline. Reductions in project durations were achieved by increasing manpower and using new tools and equipment.

Overtime and Productivity in Electrical Construction - NECA #5050-04
The difficulties resulting from overtime work might lead many to question the wisdom of using overtime under any circumstances. There do seem to be compelling reasons for adhering closely to the standard work week whenever possible. However, situations do arise in which there is no alternative to working a longer than standard week.

Project Peak Workforce Report - NECA #5074-04
NECA published a report, Project Peak Workforce Report, in 1987 that used 120 projects to predict the peak number of workers for jobs based on the documented actual work hours for different types of electrical projects. The present publication is an update to the original NECA report, using current project data. The primary purpose of this publication is to assist electrical contractors with estimating the peak number of workers that can be expected on various electrical construction projects, including commercial, industrial, and institutional.

The Effect of Multi-Story Buildings on Productivity - NECA #5071-04
The purpose of this report is two-fold. First, the report is designed to assist electrical contractors in evaluating the special job conditions found in multi-story building construction that cause an increase in the cost to install the electrical systems. Second, the report offers recommended estimating practices that will insure recovery of these added costs. This report is an update to an existing NECA study and survey from the 1970's.

The Effect of Temperature on Productivity - NECA #5072-04
The National Electrical Contractors Association has conducted a series of laboratory studies to document the effects of temperature and humidity on productivity. The objective of these studies was to measure the effects of extreme combinations of temperature and humidity on labor productivity.