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Suicide Prevention: Make a Difference


depressed-882346144-300x200The construction industry’s high-stakes and competitive nature can put undue pressure on the mental health of everyone in the industry. According to the Centers for Disease Control, workers in the construction industry rank number one in the number of suicide deaths and are number one in the rate of suicides.

Mental health issues and suicidal behavior are growing business challenges. With rising rates of suicide among working-age adults and the demographic risk factors prevalent in the construction industry, now is the time to consider instituting suicide awareness, prevention, and intervention measures in your shops.

SMACNA chapters can play an important role in generating awareness of suicide prevention by making resources and educational tools available to their members and encouraging their members to use the resources and address the risk of suicide among their employees.

A good place for chapters to start is the SMART MAP, Member Assistance Program, that focuses on the mental health needs of sheet metal workers’ members and their families. This national and local training effort, overseen by the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail, and Transportation (SMART) addresses problems associated with mental health disorders, substance use and suicide prevention in particular. Reach out to them at

Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention is a national organization that provides information and resources regarding suicide prevention and mental health promotion in construction. Their goal is to build a zero-suicide industry.  The Alliance offers a wealth of suicide prevention resources and materials.

These resources showcase the growing commitment to a zero-suicide culture in the construction industry.

Suicide prevention in construction resources include: