Sheet Metal & Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association


Chapter Comments on Legislation


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SMACNA’s Capitol Hill office has been working to stop the unsavory practice of bid shopping on federal construction contracts for years and now has a new champion and a new tact. The new Unfair Bid Shopping bill shows how SMACNA National and local chapters can work together on industry legislative issues.

Earlier this month SMACNA’s San Diego chapter stepped into the national spotlight when their Congressman Scott Peters (D-52-Calif.) introduced a bill to help ensure that the federal government gets what it pays for on federal construction contracts.

Over the years the San Diego Chapter established a relationship with Rep. Peters, first as a San Diego City Council official and now as their Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bond has grown and taken a leap onto the national stage for SMACNA of San Diego where the chapter was asked to comment nationally on the Stop Unfair Bid Shopping Act (SUBS Act) legislation. SMACNA National and the San Diego chapter had been working with the Congressman on this issue to take a new approach and is pleased with the new bill, which will be re-introduced at the beginning of the new116th Congress.    

The Congressman included the chapter’s announcement in his press release announcing introduction of the bill. The chapter stated that “the officers and members of SMACNA of San Diego are proud to be the first local subcontractors association to support Congressman Scott Peters’ Stop Unfair Bid Shopping Act of 2018, the ‘SUBS’ Act. We believe it is time for Congress to take action to ensure fairness in the federal construction procurement bidding process. Many states, including California, have already taken similar steps to improve government-funded construction project procurement and SMACNA of San Diego is pleased to strongly support Rep. Peters’ SUBS Act.”

Rep. Peters also appeared as the featured guest congressional speaker at SMACNA’s Annual Convention in San Diego, California this past October, thanks to the efforts of the local chapter. A longtime friend to SMACNA, Rep. Peters is an outspoken and leading advocate for industry issues including independent contractor reform. “I have been a team player along with SMACNA contractors and their chapter leadership long before I arrived on Capitol Hill,” he said. “I have been an effective advocate on your key issues and have also worked to build support among others on prevailing wages, project agreements, energy efficient construction, and limiting wage and contractor fraud.”