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7 Innovative Ways to Engage Your Millennial Team Members


startup entrepreneurs-1078018754 600x400In several years, the millennial generation will account for nearly 75 percent of the workforce. As an employer, think carefully about how you will lead and engage your tech-savvy millennial team members.

Recent research has suggested there are unique ways to motivate this generation. This includes: creating a supportive environment where they can grow as well as using innovative tools to make learning both interesting and fun. Additional ways to motivate and keep your millennial employees engaged include:

Give them flexibility and trust.

Simple gestures can speak loudly to this group, so try offering them flexibility with their vacation and sick time, to take a birthday off or to recover from a cold.

Offer leading-edge training tools.

Using innovative learning methods is key to capturing employees attention and helping them improve professionally and personally. Use tools they can apply to real-life situations, such as videos, mobile, and gamification.

Employ videos.

Engaging video clips are an effective way of teaching concepts and applying them to real life.

Social learning

Millennials connect with their peers through SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook and research jobs and companies through Google, LinkedIn, and social media. And when they find a solution on YouTube, their share it among peers for feedback and advice – it’s collaborative learning.


Millennials have shorter attention spans than their predecessors. This has fostered a new kind of learning that breaks points into bite-sized, digestible pieces.


This may or may not be a good fit for your company culture, but many millennials play video games and the competitive nature of games makes them addictive and engaging, particularly among sales teams.


According to research by Sun Microsystems, employees who receive mentoring are five times more likely to be promoted. Mentoring is a factor in keeping millennials engaged. This can be done face to face or even through feedback videos, saving time.

Millennials want to be highly engaged in what they do and smart leaders will harness this sense of engagement and mission. Read more...