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Employee Wellness Engagement Strategies That Work


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Ever wondered how you can successfully engage your employee teams in wellness? As a whole, a company might be ready to change the health habits of the workforce, but change doesn’t always come quickly.

So how exactly do you get employees engaged in better wellness habits? It's not always clear cut, but wellness engagement can be improved with a few steps.

Employee Benefits News covers five health engagement strategies that can help employers get their workforce interested and actively involved in healthy habits.

Know what employees are ready to change.

By meeting people where they are rather than where you want them to be, you will improve wellness engagement in the long-term.

Start at the top.

If you want employees to adopt healthy habits at home and at work, get C-Suite execs and middle managers to lead by example.

Make it easy for individuals to say yes to change.

Getting the incentives right is a vital part of a successful wellness program. To do that, you need to figure out what motivates individuals to participate.

Support change.

One way to make sure your workforce stays on track is to connect to existing programs such as employee assistance programs. Linking a wellness program to an EAP makes it easier for employees to deal with change and get support for physical and mental situations affecting their work.

Take health to them.

According to a survey by Optum and the National Business Group on Health, having access to employer health and wellness programs is positively correlated with employee engagement. This study named several program categories that improved engagement, including:

  • Health risk assessments

  • Wellness coaching

  • Telemedicine

  • Health biometric screenings

  • Gym membership discounts

  • On-site medical clinics

  • Fitness challenges

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