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Four Volunteer Engagement Tips for Associations


Volunteer-668272048 600x400Volunteers have long been integral to the long-term success of associations. Without the help of volunteers, many association goals can become impossible to reach. This individuals – the most engaged of the bunch – are willing to donate their time and skill set to an association they strongly believe in.

Having a solid team of volunteers can also be a cost-effective way to achieve success for your association, yet many associations find themselves struggling with volunteer engagement numbers that are less than what they ultimately need and desire.

So, the question inevitably becomes, how do you engage volunteers and encourage them to work with your association? Sarah Lampson, the Executive Director for the Canadian Association of Research Administrators (CARA) shares some tips and tricks to keep volunteers engaged at your association. Sarah has seen a 400% increase in volunteerism since the start of her career as Executive Director with CARA.

  1. Offer a variety of plans for volunteers
    When coming up with a volunteer plan, offer a few different volunteer options. Make sure all of your volunteer options are easily accessible on your website and provide all necessary information prospective volunteers will need.

  2. Implement a recognition program
    Put some sort of reward in place for volunteers who go above and beyond to donate their time to your organization.

  3. Allow volunteers to take part in bigger events
    Allow volunteers to take part in projects within your association, thereby allowing them to work with other members and staff.

  4. Send out annual letter to volunteers
    Sending a thank you letter to volunteers notifies them of your appreciation and encourages them to come back next year. Additionally, the idea of including a free offer or incentive within the thank you letter is one that may work well for your association.

Go more in-depth on these four volunteer engagement tips by reading the full article.